Things to Do

Whale Watching

Set sail on a boat tour to view the sea wildlife in the area. The Long Beach docks are located about 15 minutes from the venue. In addition to whales, people often see many dolphins and sea lions. Check Groupon for discounted tickets. Many companies offer these tours, but you can find one of them at the following link:
Harbor Breeze Website

Aquarium of the Pacific

Public aquarium on a 5-acre site on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach about 15 minutes from the venue.


The happiest place on Earth. About 30 minutes from the venue.


If you're feeling hungry, this link lists popular restaurants in the area.

Ask Us For Recommendations!

Feel free to reach out to us about things to do around Los Angeles. There's more to do and see than we could possibly list! Drive time to get to other parts of LA are going to range between 40 minutes and 1 hour +, depending on the location.
Susan Moyal